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Denim Jeans: Important tips to consider before buying

Denim Jeans of the same size and color can fit the same woman in different ways. Because there are no two pairs of equal jeans at all. Also, don’t forget that they get bigger after wearing jeans for a while, so buy smaller jeans. When choosing denim pants, keep in mind that they should not be too loose or too tight. Not near parts of your body that you don’t want to attract more attention. Adapt yourself to the size of your denim pants, expressed as a part of two numbers. The first representing the size of the waistline and the second representing the length.

Remember that they aim every custom denim maker at its own customers. That’s why jeans made by Rifle, Hugo Boss and Klaus Montana brands ideal for those who love classic styles. They design Versace jeans for those who have long, thin legs. Use exotic denim Cloth making erotic Lee Chicago and Mustang suitable for those who want to look sexy.

The length of the denim pants is in inches, between 28 and 38. The 28-inch jeans are suitable for people are about 157 cm tall. 36-inch denim pants designed for people 190 cm tall. Today, denim pants cut with boots are fashionable. Also, don’t buy jeans that are too long to shorten them. If you cut denim pants, the proportions will change, denim will break, and it will ruin all aesthetics. Then don’t do it. In extreme cases, you can always climb the end of your denim pants.

Lee Riders skinny jeans

Lee Riders skinny jeans

You can use a combination technique to check the stability of denim colors. Play the game, immerse it in water, and place it in denim. If the match discolors, they will dye them when you use jeans. However, color matching does not mean poor quality denim. High-quality whitewashed jeans also fade. However, this effect disappeared after the first wash.

Denim Jeans

Denim pants can help you hide your body defects and highlight their advantages. There is a wide range of fashion denim pants, and you can find the one that suits you best. In order not to draw more attention to the shortcomings of your body. You must understand the general rules for choosing jeans. Here are some prompts that might benefit.

They should not wear tight jeans for clothes with rounded thighs. That’s why stretch denim pants are not for you. Banana jeans may be ideal for your figure. They are loose at the top and tightened at the bottom. People with sexy hips must lift their hips and balance them with hipsters. Tall women should like to wear long custom denim pants with a low waist.

The legs of the pants can straight, turned or twisted. Banana jeans and loose-fitting denim pants are also suitable for those women. We recommend a light color. However, please know about skinny jeans and denim shorts. Fit yourself to the height dimensions specified on the denim pants label.

Short women should wear denim pants, which can stretch their legs. Therefore, it recommended using a straight style and high-rise jeans. The shape of the jeans should fit the body. Avoid wearing legged denim pants and elastic jeans models, because they will increase height. Slim, long, and loose models may also be a bad choice for you. Avoid using light colors; dark-blue models look much better. If you want to wear worn-out denim pants, go for models with less worn-out elements in the middle. This effect makes the legs longer. And don’t forget the high heels!

Distressed Skinny Jean

Distressed Skinny Jean

Women’s Denim Pants

Those with tight thighs and flat hips should wear fashionable clothes with low or high waists. A light-colored model recommended. They don’t attract more attention to the hips and thighs, but they make them sexy. Stretch denim pants models with heart-shaped seams on the hips will make them plump and lift them up. Another nice variation is jeans without a back pocket and a drawstring at the front. The skinny denim pants are visible to the naked eye. Cover the ankles or ruffles at the bottom to give your thighs a good structure.

Those who have no noticeable waist should choose loose straight jeans. Such will make your waistline thinner. The best way, buy jeans several times larger, as small pants may be too tight for your waist. Hipsters will balance the proportions. Try wearing men’s jeans. They will also show well because they own a different proportion compared to women’s clothing.

If your thighs are full, choose loose-fitting denim pants made of solid denim with straight-leg and low-rise pants. High-rise crotch are also available. Your basic color is dark blue. And pay special attention to the back pocket! The most suitable custom models have larger back pockets that cover the hips and divert attention from the thighs. Avoid wearing light-colored, stretchy pants that fit your body. Shorts or skinny denim pants at the bottom and too small with a split back pocket are not for you. These style will make you appear fuller.

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Men’s Indigo Skinny Jean
Dickies Skinny Jeans

Men’s Jeans

If you have a loud figure, wear tailored pants with loose cuts and straight legs. Avoid wearing pant that are too wide, as it will also avoid them. You should choose a dark color, because dark colors have a weight loss effect, help hide blemishes, and appear beautiful. The denim made of jeans should own a soft structure. Remember: the seams inside the leg make it appear thinner, while the seams on the outside have the opposite effect. The extra-long pants that fall to the floor will make your legs appear longer. Your body figure will be slimmer. High-rise pants with corsages will cover your belly.

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