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lunch box safe

Does your child’s lunch box safe?

Is your child’s lunch box safe? Did you know the food that comes into contact with the inside of his lunch box may intoxicate your child? To avoid food-borne odors and food poisoning, lunch bags or boxes must clean.

Children’s lunch boxes should clean with a damp cloth and particular antibacterial soap added to them. Your child’s lunch box should rinse out and dry. The child’s lunch box can withstand regular washing and rinsing, we should do it daily, allowed to drip-dry. Do not sip or replace the lid of the children’s lunch box, otherwise, the lid will not dry.

We must clean the surface of the counter where preparations made before any ingredients or packaging/container supply removed. So, your palms and any utensils should cleanse.

To protect your child from food poisoning, consider freezing the sandwich in advance. Or wrapping the frozen/partial beverage or ice pack in your child’s lunch box. They allow most school lunches to sit for four hours at room temperature. Frozen sandwiches, even in insulated bags, will thaw during this time and give the child a fresh sandwich at lunchtime.

The child’s lunch box safe. Keep the freshness of the sandwich when you use fresh ingredients and prepare and freeze for only two weeks.

Lunch box safe

But, important to handpick the sandwich fillings as not every ingredient frozen. Good fillings include sausages, poultry and roast beef, low-fat cheese, peanut butter (and jam) and more. Do not use mayonnaise to freeze eggs or sandwiches such as tuna or squid.

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Sandwiches should wrap in plastic or sealed in plastic bags with no excess air. To make sure it uses your sandwiches in the coolest time. Put every similar sandwich in the original bread bag and mark the end date.

Lunch Box Set - Waterproof Lunch Bag
Lunch Box Set – Waterproof Lunch Bag

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