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Lingeries: Women


Looking for maternity clothes that are super comfortable and fit your needs? Carriwell is your best choice. Created just for you, the brand is designed to meet all of your maternity needs before, during and after pregnancy. So if you’re a new or expectant mother, you’ll find all maternity lingeries, maternity clothes and nursing bras here at great prices.

Cariwell believes that every woman has the potential to be “the greatest mom in the world,” as long as she has everything she needs. Carriwell’s mission is to provide high quality maternity clothing that is natural, comfortable and always feels confident. Carriwell is a maternity brand you can trust through all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Always functional, the brand’s maternity clothes and underwear are packed with clever features to make your new mom’s life easier. Browse Belle Lingerie’s full range today and keep an eye out for our seasonal maternity discounts.

Carriwell is here to help as your body and its needs change during pregnancy. Maternity support belts and maternity belts will shed some weight to keep you as comfortable as possible as your due date approaches. The Carriwell Support Briefs and Hospital Pants are the comfortable and functional solution you need.

Nursing Bra

When it comes to bras, Carriwell offers a wide selection of maternity and nursing bras to suit your specific needs no matter what stage you’re in. Carriwell offers a classic seamless smooth nursing bra for maximum comfort. But it doesn’t stop there. Nursing bras with gel padding give you extra support in your daily life. If you still want to look a little fancy, Carriwell also makes soft lace nursing bras that combine practicality with style.

Carriwell doesn’t just offer you comfortable maternity bras, the brand also offers shapewear and utility clothing to help you during pregnancy. Check out Carriwell Maternity Leggings and Nursing Belts at great prices. You can also store maternity and nursing accessories here, including bra extensions and breast pads. Browse the entire Carriwell range to feel prepared and supported during pregnancy.

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