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Lingeries: Women

Anita Lingerie

Renowned underwear brand Anita brings you everyday comfort and high-quality finishes. This casual lingerie brand brings you a variety of styles, each with a different purpose. From nursing bras to mastectomy bras, sports bras to support bras, Anita has it all! Browse our collection with confidence to find the bra style that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for supportive activewear or just looking for your next favorite full-cup bra, Anita is sure to find your next must-have.

Anita has been designing women’s underwear, swimwear and post-op care bras since 1886. Anita is known for delivering quality products that are great in fit and durable. With 6 brands under the Anita umbrella, Anita Lingerie creates well-fitting and beautifully designed underwear for all-day comfort. With a focus on high-quality fabrics and stylish cuts, the collection gives you lift, shape and maximum comfort, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Focusing on functionality, the brand develops innovative activewear that will support you no matter what your passion. Anita’s Nursing Collection is designed to make motherhood easier, with maternity bras to support you while you breastfeed. Anita Care brings you a post surgery bra like no other. This range of mastectomy and post-op bras is just what you need to find a little security and normality after surgery.

Anita Underwear

But Anita is more than just surgical bras and tracksuits. The brand creates a wide range of everyday underwear and belts with something for everyone. Full Cup Bras, Platform Bras, Comfort Bras, Side Support Bras and more. Each bra is designed for comfort and consistently high quality, giving you the confidence you need in Anita underwear.

For belts, Anita brings you bodysuits and corsets that support the entire torso. Tightens and accentuates your natural curves. Whether you’re a new mom, just out of surgery, having trouble finding supportive activewear, or just want a comfortable bra you can trust, Anita is the one you should be looking at!

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