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Lingeries: Women


Berlei is your one stop shop for every day bra shopping. Focusing on practicality and comfort, the brand creates quality underwear for women of all ages. Berlei has something for every stage of life and your underwear needs, so once you fall in love with Berlei, you will last a lifetime. Enhance your underwear with a functional and stylish bra. High quality, well designed and fitted, Berlei bras will become your new favorite. Check out Berlei’s wide selection of bras, briefs, and even sports bras, all available at discounted prices from Belle Lingerie.

Whether you need an everyday work bra or a comfortable weekend bra, Berlei has you covered. This collection of casual and everyday bras combines functionality and style. You can find classic underwire bras, as well as looser styles. If you want full support and a cheeky lift, choose the padded Berlei bra. Berlei underwear is available in a variety of styles and colors, including classic black, white and nude underwear. Also available in pinks, purples, reds and blues to brighten up your everyday underwear collection.

If you like casual lace lingerie, look no further than Berlei, offering lace briefs, lace bras and lace bras for an elegant look every day. Bras are a great option for those lazy weekends or those days when you just want to feel comfortable. Berlei offers a wide range of comfortable bras to choose from. Berlei also makes sports bras that provide real support, perfect for the active woman who needs utility and style. The Berlei Sports Bra divides the bust to give you maximum support and reduce bounce while you’re on the go. Add the Berlei Sports Bra to your activewear collection to enhance performance and create an athletic look you can be proud of.

Berlie Underwear

Berlei is an Australian lingerie brand that has been around for over a century since its founding in 1917. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate, creating stunning styles for all women. While Berlei underwear isn’t the most alluring, it’s functional and perfect for everyday wear. Great fit, great support…what more could you need from your everyday underwear collection?

Berlei was one of the first brands to develop a shrinking bra designed to reduce bust size. But Burley was also one of the pioneers of maternity bras. This brand really does try its best to cater to women from all walks of life. View the full line of Berlei underwear now.

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