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Which one is better? direct marketing or affiliate marketing?

At first glance, drop shipping and affiliate marketing have several similarities. They start with little or no investment. Both allow you to make money by letting others send the product to the customer. But if you want to build and grow a long-term profitable business. Direct marketing might be a better opportunity for you.

Drop shipping may mean you saw profit sooner. Through the direct sales business, once you sell the product. You can keep the disparity between the product price being sold and the price you paid to the distribution provider. With affiliate marketing, you get the percentage of sales for each business involved.

With direct sales, you can see your earnings at the time of sale. But through affiliate marketing, this will depend on the merchant paying commissions to earn revenue. Merchants may pay different amounts of time, ranging from weeks to months. So drop shippers can get the profit they can use to grow their business faster.

Control the price more. With your direct sales business, you can control the number of products you want to sell. Affiliate sellers must sell products at the price set by the merchant. The Drop ship business, which flexible in terms of price, is more likely to compete, in crowded markets.


Drop shippers who know they can sell many specific products may raise or lower the price to get more profit. Affiliated sellers do not have this flexibility, competition can be more difficult, at the beginning. The only way they can increase profit margins is to decrease costs, which can compete more difficult.

Affiliate programs have restrictions.

An affiliate seller, depending on the products you sell, there may be restrictions on how you promote the product. Larger merchants are not interested in using company or brand names in marketing. They can even limit the channels you can use to attract customers.

When you promote other people’s business, you must do so according to their rules. But, with your own drop ship business, you can promote your drop ship product the way you want. Because of your own business. The drop shippers have fewer restrictions on brands and company names (within reasonable limits). Can use a variety of promotional methods to enable them to use the best practices in attracting customers.

Which one is better?

Direct investment and generate more profit. Show long-term business for the direct shipping approach. The drop shippers have a better chance of developing their customer base and developing their long-term transportation business. Affiliated sellers refer the customer to the merchant who will grab the customer’s information. So they can market them without the help of affiliates and make more money.

The affiliated sellers try to capture the details of potential customers by offering gifts. But the name, address, and email of the buyer you need to make money. The drop shippers are available every time you sell. Marketing for customers who have spent money, (somewhat) than those who only sign up for free offers. Means that direct sales companies can grow and sell more direct sales to existing and new customers.

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For many people, direct marketing and affiliate marketing appear to be very similar business opportunities. But in reality, affiliate marketers are helping others develop their business for a few dollars in commission. The drop shippers are promoting and building their own direct sales business. Controlling more of the products they sell. How to market them, and the profits they can get from them.

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